I LOVE NIRVANA!!! Nirvana is my FAVORITE band ever! I could talk on and on forever about Nirvana but I'm not gonna here. If you wanna talk about it with me add me on Discord or something (hover over the word on the homepage). I really like the feel of Nirvana's music, there's just something about it that that really appeals to me. I'm not a musician, so its difficult for me to articulate what I mean, but it has to do with like, the speed and "weight" of their songs. The only other band I know that really does it like them is Slutever, but they didn't release much and have since broken up :(. Kurt really makes it for me, the way he writes and the way he sings and the way he plays it all just makes the music so so so good. Just as a person he was good, too. He gets a bad wrap because the media liked to portray him as a complaining downer, but he really wasn't one, at least, he didn't like to be one. Watch any interview and you'll see what I mean. He supported us homos too! That sounds typical now but that really was something at the time, he was a big supporter for equal rights for everyone, gays, women, minorities, there wasn't a trans moral panic then like there is now but your an idiot if you think he wouldn't support trans rights. Big ups to him for hating gender norms too! All clothing is unisex if your not a bitch about it! At the moment, my favorite songs are Drain You, Heart Shaped Box, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle, and Verse Chorus Verse.


Undertale is a game that has had a remarkable influence on me. Same with deltarune, of course, but this is about Undertale, since it came first. I played Undertale right around it's release, and it has stuck with me ever since. Now, many many people praise it for it's story, and rightfully so. It's story telling is interesting, innovative, engaging, etc etc. But I'd like to bring up something else, something I don't here a lot of people talk about, and that's its gameplay. See, part of what makes Undertale so fun, is its skill based combat. Now, of course in most RPGs skill is important for combat, learning the best strategies to counter your enemies, but they're also largely games of number, and Undertale completely fore-gos that. Undertale uses a bullet-hell like combat system, in it, an enemy of any level, at any point in the game, can be beaten without taking a single point of damage from your state at the very start of the game, provided you have the skill to beat them. Skill not being some sort of in game power, but rather your ability as a player to play the game. This is something many games did not take away from Undertale, and I have yet to find a game that has. I've tried to just step up and make one myself, but my capability in programming I make up for with a lack of an ability to come up with or tell a compelling story, so most of my attempts have been dead on arrival.


I love Pokemon! At least, up to gen 5, but whatever I'm gonna talk about it anyway. The first console I ever owned was a Nintendo DS (which to some of you is going to make me look very young, and to some of you it will make me look very old). I played the hell outta that thing, especially Pokemon. I think the really great thing about Pokemon is, despite (for the most part) being totally linear games, there is an incredible amount of option for how you play, and because of the team building aspect, provided you don't choose the same Pokemon every time (which you'd have to try to do), every run you have will likely end up different, struggling with, or breezing past, different parts every time. It really gives the games a lot of replay value, and its sooo engaging getting a team you really feel connected to. I still routinely play through these games. Can't wait for DS era hacking to really take off, there's a few big projects people are working on right now, and I'm betting their releases will spark big interesting in modifying the fourth and fifth generations.